He may jet set across the globe, hanging out with the likes of Leo Messi, but Ireland's still "100pc home" to Niall Horan. And what signifies "home" for him? The bang a cow pats. D'you know what? He'd be right. 

Speaking via The Independent, the 20-year-old popstar said: "When I get off the plane and it smells like cow poo I know I’m home. Ireland (still) is 100pc (home)."

Not sure what airport Niall makes a habit of flying into, but we usually get the hum of petrol fumes, coffee, full Irish fry ups, McDonalds, cigarette smoke and stress before slurry makes an appearance in the olfactory bulb.

Either way, it's a ringing endorsement for our lush green land (Westmeath in particular): "Come for the dung, stay for the craic!"