So apparently having a 'squidgy bum' can come in handy, especially if you're Niall Horan and about to make a stupid mistake and jump on the bandwagon with your idiot mates.

When Niall and the rest of the One Direction boys were in LA, he almost got a tattoo on his ass but was told that he couldn't because his bum wasn't 'tight' enough. Niall told We Love Pop that he was going to get 'Made In Ireland' tattooed on his butt cheek in green Nice patriotism Niall, but it's not something your mother would be proud of now would she.) when Zayn and Harry were getting their numerous ridiculous tattoos, but when he lay down to get needle put to flesh, they said 'The skin on your arse is too squidgy. It needs to be tight'. Not at all embarrassing Niall. Not one bit.

Luckily he's since realised that they probably did him a favour as 'It wasn't the best idea in the world.'. Understatement of the year Niall. Of. The Year.