Having spent the night in London's Mayfair club Whiskey Mist until 3am, it looks like wee Niall was up for a serious sesh last night as he headed back to Laura Whitmore's gaff and wasn't spotted leaving until this afternoon. If his Twitter feed is anything to go by it sounds like it was one hell of a night, seeing as it caused the Voice of Ireland host Eoghan McDermott to miss his flight presumably back to Dublin.

We really want to know what happened to that coat. Maybe it had something to do with raiding Whitmore's knicker drawer. If our life experience is anything to go by, someone probably got sick in it or used it as an emergency mop. The coat, not the knicker drawer. That would just be rude and highly unfortunate.

Now Whitmore and Horan are nothing more than mates which they both have said over and over, and we believe them seeing as there's an eight year age gap between them. It's Harry Styles that Whitmore really would have to keep an eye on. Previously protecting herself from crazy One D fans she said 'Niall is my lil brother from another mother, RELAX One Direction fans. You honestly have NOTHING to worry about.' Hopefully that also goes for Niall's new girlfriend Zoe Whelan, who no doubt feels a little left out. Unless she's secretly the 'London Irish Gangstaaa' Don and we just don't know.