Talk about getting a healthy dose of reality.

Niall Horan has barely dipped his toe in the solo act water and he's already getting shot down by people but probably thought that this radio interview where fans got a chance to call in wasn't going to be the site of such a terrific burn.

Niall was on the phone with Australia's 'Kyle and Jackie O Show' when the DJs invited fans to phone in the former One Directioner and things went a bit south quite fast.

Canadian student Eve (who probably has one hell of a phone bill on the way) called into the radio show when Kyle instructed her tell her fellow students in the background that she was on the line with Niall right now so "they will totally lose their minds."

Except, in Eve's eyes, they wouldn't have, and she replied ‘I live in Canada. No one really cares.’

Cue Niall laughing the most awkward of awkward laughs and then, to make matters worse, the hosts kept going.

Kyle replied "What do you mean they wont care, freaking Niall's on the phone!" while co-host Jackie then piped up: "Oooh, that's awkward."


Kyle then added: "Oh sorry buddy... we would chop that out if we weren’t live."

Sound Australia. Real sound.

You can listen to the exchange below, if mildly torturous awkwardness is your thing.

Via Metro