With Niall Horan in the country for his brother's wedding, One Direction fans are said to be banding together and heading to Mullingar en masse to effectively ruin the entire day in attempts to see him. Niall's older brother Greg is set to tie the knot in their hometown later today (and I bet when they booked the end of March they didn't expect they'd be dealing with snow) with Niall as best man, and unfortunately details spilled out to the tabloids and then went around the net with One D fans pretty much knowing the itinerary for the entire day at this point.

Speaking to The Sun yesterday about the wedding, Greg said 'I don’t mind one bit if he embarrasses me — I just can’t wait for the day. He has been working on the speech as far as I know so we will see how that goes.I don’t mind one bit if he embarrasses me — I just can’t wait for the day. He’s my only brother — there was never any other choice for my best man than Niall'. He also said that the other One Direction boys had been invited but wasn't sure if they were coming, which was probably not the best thing to say in terms of keeping rabid fans away.

One Directioners of Ireland, please don't go and ruin what is genuinely supposed to be the best day of someone who is not Niall Horan's life. Try and put yourself in that bride's shoes. Would you like it if your wedding was ruined by a cacophony of screaming tween girls shouting someone's name and singing pop songs in your window? We're grateful to you for accosting Niall at the airport and giving us one of the best moments of pop culture in recent memory, but draw the line somewhere.

And also, what do expect will happen if you actually get Niall's attention? That he'll come over all delighted to see you, go down on one knee and ask you to marry him there and then? Really, if that's your thought process, you need a sassy gay intervention.