Remember Niall Horan's hurty knee? There was an operation and everything. Well the good fans of Amsterdam have caused another hurty knee after lopping various heavy objects onstage.

Such was the pain caused by last night's deluge of crap Niall took to Twitter after the show to ask the band's over-zealous fans to stop throwing stuff around during their concerts.

Niall - who had major knee surgery in January - was seen limping around the stage in a vine uploaded by one diego ok, who bellowed "HE CANT BARELY WALK ITS SO SAD. (sic)"

The rest of Niall's bandmates didn't escape unharmed either since poor Harry Styles was hit in the face by an unidentified flying object last night. He looked less than impressed when an item was chucked at his head, poking him in the eye, but barely missed a beat as he bounded around.

That's the closest Harry will ever get to being David Bowie.