The little scuts.

One Direction were at the AMAs last night, both to perform and to collect a haul of accolades. While they might have thought they were floating on cloud nine for a lot of the event they were sharply brought back down to earth when half of their number were supposedly "kicked out". 

A picture was circulating twitter last night of Niall Horan and Louis Tomilson sitting on the steps waiting to be let back into the ceremony and the story that went along with the photo was that the pair had been "kicked out" for messing. 

 The story then grew some legs when it was suggested that the pair were playing an unusual game...

That's right. Two members of the biggest boyband on the planet were supposedly kicked out of a televised awards show for hitting each other in the balls.

Reps for One Direction were quick to dash the rumours with a statement about the photo stating that the pair were just waiting for a commercial break to return to their seats. 

We dunno who to believe. 

Via Metro