It seems like Ellie Goulding got well and truly sick of those annoying tweets from mental One Direction fans surrounding her alleged relationship with Niall Horan and either gave someone in both her own and SyCo's PR department a bollocking and told them to shut the rumour mill down or was just wasn't up to the energy levels of Niall as they have now 'reportedly' split up.

Horan is said to be keen to 'live it up' and enjoy his youth, leading to the couple's decision to break up after only 27 days together, with The Sun quoting one of those oh so reliable 'sources' saying: 'It's all over between Niall and Ellie.They've split up. There was obviously a real attraction - but Niall's a young lad and wants to live it up.'

The pair were first seen getting close at Virgin Media's V Festival in the UK last month, and Ellie later refused to open up about their then-blossoming romance, insisting: 'I just can't talk about Niall. I won't ever talk about my love life any more because it's always then gone wrong when I have in the past.'

The 26-year-old singer also admitted she had received some 'interesting' messages from those charming and loyal One D fans. 'I've definitely had some 'interesting' tweets since the story came out.' she admitted. 'Thankfully I'm able to take it all with a pinch of salt because I've been told to be that way. I genuinely mean this - I don't hate on anyone, but at least One Direction fans are very passionate and my fans are very passionate too. I'd hate it if people didn't care about what they thought.'

So what do we think? Did Ellie and Niall actually have a thing going on, or was it all a big stunt?