The topless Niall pic accompanying this post isn't a necessity, we just felt like it - IT'S FRIDAY! So, who has be masquerading as Bobby and Maura, hah?

When I first read the headline, I thought four Directioners doubled up, long trench coat style, in a bid to get themselves into a premiere, or an upgrade in a hotel near Liam's apartment, or something, but it was nothing that imaginative. Seemingly it's people on Twitter who are pretending to be his parents. Which is kinda the wrong way to go about gaining access to Niall Horan's pants. True, his parents used to have access to his pants, but that doesn't mean that right will automatically pass to you. It's just all manner of wrong.

First he posted the following to an account using his dad's name as a profile moniker: "can u stop pretending to be my dad! My dad can barely text never mind use twitter, it's creepy and strange !”

Then he made this en masse appeal:

Now, leave the poor boy alone, he's trying to recover after that surgery he had on his hurty knee. Someone posted the below photo of him hobbling about on crutches on Twitter. That is the kind of 'creepy and strange' activity we can handle.