Not content with booking a place in the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots on Sunday evening, Vince Wilfork decided that he'd also save someone's life on his way home. 

Or at least help them out of a jam, as he came across a woman who was involved in a road traffic accident in which her car overturned on the road, and when she needed a helping hand (literally, just one) Vince was there to save the day. 

In case you're wondering how big you'd need to be to pull someone out of a car one-handed, here's a comparison photo between Vince Wilfork and Pats' QB Tom Brady. Apparently there's just 100lbs in the difference...

The driver that he rescued has, unfortunately, been arrested and charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, but we imagine she's still pretty grateful for Vince's help.

Via BroBible