Featuring extra bonus cheerleaders.

Andre Johnson has been lucky enough (and worked hard enough) to make it at the highest level in the NFL, so he makes a good living, but he's well aware that there are plenty of kids, in particular those in Child Protective Services, who are in a pretty difficult situation and might not be looking forward to a Christmas full of gifts. 

However, being a pretty great guy, he has an annual tradition of taking a few kids from the local area, who are obviously huge fans of his team the Houston Texans, and brings them on a shopping spree in Toys R' Us. 

This year, he and 11 kids filled headed along with the Texans cheerleading squad, and they were each given 80 seconds to fill the baskets with whatever they wanted, and he'd foot the bill. Each child would also get a bike and games console, and the rest was up to them. 

The total bill came to over $16,000, or $16,266 to be precise, and the man known as Andre Claus has two pretty huge receipts to show for it.

Although it was only a few kids who got to go on the spree, Johnson has definitely created some lasting memories for these kids that will be with them for much longer than the toys themselves probably will.

Via Bleacher Report.Main pic via Brian T. Smith/Twitter