This was a manoeuvre that Hulk Hogan himself would have been proud of.

Last night in the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns, punter Spencer Lanning received a huge kick to the head on a punt return by wide receiver Antonio Brown.

As Lanning went in to tackle Brown, the Steelers player raised his leg looking like he was trying to hurdle him. However he didn't quite time it right and what the punter got for his troubles was a big boot to the head. Thankfully he was wearing a helmet.

He later took to twitter with a joke about the incident, so he at least saw the funny side.

The internet has already responded with parodies and memes based around the movie 300 as well as wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, but the best by far is this Karate Kid mashup.

It looks like there's a career in the WWE for Antonio Brown anyway if the whole football thing doesn't work out for him. 

Via SB Nation.