Kansas City fans are now officially the loudest people in America, and they have the Guinness World Record to prove it. 

Last night, the New England Patriots traveled to Kansas to take on the Kansas City Chiefs, and they may have been taken aback by the noise levels as they ended up getting a pretty huge beat-down, losing by the palindromic scoreline of 41-14.

That aforementioned noise level was, according to measurements, 142.2 decibels, which makes Arrowhead Park, the home of the Chiefs, the loudest outdoor stadium in the world, beating the previous record held by Seattle of 137.6. When things get that loud, we're not sure if you can really tell the difference, but it's certainly something to boast about and obviously means that the fans feel like they can make a real impact.



We're not sure exactly how much of a role that this guy played in getting them over the line, but we imagine it was not insignificant.

Via SB Nation. Main pic via Wikipedia