Its been nearly eight years since Microsoft unveiled their XBox 360, and nearly three months since Sony released information about their upcoming PlayStation 4, so it's time for the next generation to begin.

Mystery still surrounds it's actual name - top guesses at the moment are XBox 720, The New XBox (a la The New iPad) and XBox Infinity - but everything shall be made clear when Microsoft hold their huge announcement launch on Tuesday 21st May from their Washington headquarters.

There have already been a bunch of games semi-confirmed to be released on the new platform, with big hitters like Assassin's Creed 4, Watch Dogs, Destiny and Battlefield 4 all rumoured to make an appearance, but everyone will be keeping their eyes out to see whether or not there's be another entry into XBox's cornerstone franchise, Halo.

Tech-specs are rumoured to include a Blu-Ray and an improved, interactive online presence, but all of that good stuff will be spilled out properly on Tuesday evening. There will be plenty of live feeds of the event to be found online, but we'll have a full round-up of the info to give you Wednesday 22nd.

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