Newstalk and George Hook have issued an apology following comments made by the broadcaster on his show, High Noon, yesterday.

In a piece regarding the alleged rape of a 19-year old woman by Commonwealth Games swimmer Otto Putland, Hook made a number of controversial statements in which he discussed "personal responsibility" with regards to rape.

"There is personal responsibility because it’s your daughter and it’s my daughter. And what determines the daughter who goes out, gets drunk, passes out and is with strangers in her room and the daughter that goes out, stays halfway sober and comes home, I don’t know. I wish I knew. I wish I knew what the secret of parenting is," said Hook.

Many felt Hook's comments were tantamount to victim-blaming, with the Women's Council of Ireland issuing a statement condemning both George Hook and Newstalk. "As a broadcaster, they have a responsibility toward their women listeners," read the NWCI's statements. Newstalk presenter Chris O'Donoghue joined the vocal criticism against Hook, branding his comments "disgusting."

In the past hour, Newstalk and George Hook have issued an apology to press. Managing Editor Patricia Monahan's statement reads that Hook's comments "were totally wrong and inappropriate and should never have been made." Hook, meanwhile, apologised "for the comments which caused hurt and offence, and for this I am truly sorry."

Hook is still scheduled to return to the airwaves on Monday at 12PM.


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