... that's not Peter Crouch... But enough about this random "mystery male companion" who accompanied Abbey Clancy from London's Harry's Bar last night and let's progress to the real news. Her crotch.

Not content with slipping a nipple on her wedding day, or letting a camera flash do its job here, the newly married WAG must've been missing the attention she got on her wedding day 'cause she opted to unleash her groin on awaitig paparazzi. Then she lost the total run of herself and introduced the world to her lacy gusset. For those of you squinting, WENN have kindly provided a close up.

Yep, maybe it's because Alicia's leaving for pastures new today after four years with the company *dabs eyes*, not to mention it's my last day before I pegg it on holidays, but we're feeling particularly uncouth in EI Towers today.

Knickers to it all!