If you're not a fan of insects in or around your moneymaker - look away now.

As we've seen countless times on TV news reports, news reporters and live creatures do not work well together.

We're reminded of the Australian news reporter who ran away from the chicken; the guy who couldn't hold back his fear when a giant bug flew in his face; or the weather reporter who screamed the house down, honey, when a cockroach started climbing on him live in studio. All equally hilarious, and all absolutely terrifying in their own right (if it were to happen to us).

This latest video to catch our attention, which is along the same vein, is one of a news reporter finding a cicada on the back of his neck. *Shudders, scratches neck to make sure there's nothing there*

The video was shared by Irish CNN correspondent Donie O'Sullivan, and it features his colleague Manu Raju. As you can see at the beginning of the video, the cicada, which is a cousin to the grasshopper, climbs up Manu's suit lapel and eventually makes it onto his neck.

And this is when the profanities start. Here's the video for you to have a giggle at today.