Australian news anchor Amber Sherlock, has come under fire for making her colleague put on a jacket before a live broadcast because they were wearing the same colour outfit. 

The below clip shows Sherlock losing her cool with Julie Snook for not changing her outfit after she'd asked her too. The issue arose because the two presenters appeared to be wearing outfits, as was their contributor, psychologist Sandy Rae.

Painful enough to watch. 

Sherlock has commented on the incident to 9Honey that "Live TV can be a pretty stressful beast, at times,"

"And as anyone knows, it’s never much fun rocking up to work or to a party in the same outfit as one of your colleagues or friends."

Still, she added, "I probably overreacted with the pressure of presenting a live news bulletin."

In any case, Twitter got to take the piss out of her for the incident and that's all anybody really cares about.

Via Mashable