A herd of New Yorkers shimmied together in aid of Children last night. More specifically, it was the New Yorkers for Children's Ninth Annual Spring Dinner Dance - A Fool's Fete.

Anyway, this was a good excuse to set the shoulders back to an extreme angle, join groins (AKA 'groinery') to appear as one normal sized American, and generally get the tulle / lime green stole and studded leather / black bra top out.

Coco Rocha and Crystal Renn weren't the only groin pushers at the event. I know too much about you, Julie Macklowe, and don't you know it.

Others in very dodgy attire also include Alison Brod (it's OK, but it makes your bewbs look like knee caps, such is their position), this random Guest who got her skirt off a wall, and this other random Guest, who should get some sewing tips from Molly Ringwald. But one Joy Markswas the overriding winner.

That bodice, the lining, the eye make up, that expression. The arbitrary 'Children' are lucky to have her support. Unlike her breasts.