What a time to be alive.

Airbus have filed a patent for what they call an "ultra-rapid air vehicle", that could reach speeds of over 2,500mph and fly at over 100,000 feet.

While applying for a patent doesn't necessarily mean that the thing will ever be built, we can't help get excited by the list of numbers they're providing. They think the aircraft could get us from New York to London in an hour, and only take three hours to deliver us from San Francisco to Paris or Tokyo to Los Angeles.

OK, so to be honest we don't make those journeys all too regularly, but we can imagine how it'll be for the people who have money. Although, when you start throwing around phrases like Mach 4.5(or four and a half times the speed of sound) and twice the speed of a concorde, we're kind of happy we probably won't ever have to test it out.

While we can't exactly explain how they're going to make all of this possible, we can show you some diagrams that they submitted to the patent office, and let a man explain it with a friendly video.


Now, wasn't that a lot more informative?

We look forward to hearing the project has been shelved.

Via Mashable