It's the day and age when everyone has a social media profile, including your pet, but while you try and hide behind the air of mystery that you think makes it seem to us like your cat runs the account, we know it's you. 

Well, at least that's been the case up until now, but a new invention means that it might be possible for you to outsource all those pictures to...your cat. 

A new invention called Catstacam, apparently from Whiskas in Australia, allows your cat to wear a (rather clunky-looking) device around their neck and go about their daily business as it takes six pictures a minute. 

Once your cat comes into range of your WiFi, then the pics are uploaded to Instagram under the hashtag #catstacam and you get to experience life through the eyes (or upper neck area) of your feline friend. Judging by the images that have been uploaded so far, this is the greatest invention in the world. 

Right, we are aware that this video has been uploaded quite close to April Fools' Day, but can we not dream? Is this not what man first envisaged when he looked up at the stars? Either way, we already love this, even if we are being had.

Via Supercompressor