It's not uncommon for people to opt for a vegetarian lifestyle after many years of eating meat.

There's been numerous studies that show how it can be healthier than eating meat, as well as the ideological aspects of it as well. But let's be honest - sometimes, people decide to be vegetarians so they can lord it over other people. *mic drop*

A new study has shown that a whopping 1 in 3 vegetarians admit to lapses when they're under the influence of alcohol. Surveying 1,789 people from the UK, it found that 27% of those ate meat when they drank. Of course, there's varying degrees of that percentage.

Some 34% said they eat meat always when they drink with just 22% saying they eat meat rarely when they're drunk. Rare. Heh. It should come as no surprise that almost 70% of the survey's participants said they wouldn't admit to eating meat while drunk to their friends or colleagues.

A study in 2014 by the Humane Research Council of America found that 84% of American vegetarians will eventually wind up meat again at some point in their lives.

The question is, why fight it?