We're nothing but a bunch of filthy, horrible liars.

Ireland has a problem with telling the truth, as a new survey revealed our love for an occasional fib and the odd absolute whopper and/or stonker of a lie, and exactly where we're bending the truth to fit our needs. 

It turns out that we tell an average of four white lies a day, while 10% of people admitted that they would tell 10 or more white lies on any given day. For the guys out there, the main topics that they lied about were their sporting prowess, (32% of those surveyed admitted to making false claims about their athleticism), their salary (21%), having an ability to cook (20%) and having read impressive or high brow books (19%).

For the ladies, they were most likely to lie about  about their weight (40%), while 25% say they lie about their ‘vital measurements’ and how often they go to the gym (27%). White lies appeared to be a pretty common thing between partners, and ones that cropped up repeatedly show that there are more than a few people out there who are economical with the truth when it suits. 

For men, the most common lies told to partners were "No, nothing’s wrong with me" (52%), "I’m only having one more pint" (44%) and "my phone battery died" (44%), while "That was a virus, I don’t know how it ended up on my laptop" came in with 17% of those surveyed both using it and more worryingly thinking it wasn't an incredibly transparent lie.

Women seemed to be bad when it came to lying about timekeeping, with "I’ll be ready in a second" (58%) "I’ll be home in half an hour" (33%) the most frequent white lies they told. However, it wasn't all bad news, as Irish men and women are more likely to be honest with their partners than they are with their friends, as 45% of those surveyed nominated their partner as the person they can be most honest with.

The survey was performed by Four Star Pizza, who hope to get people in Dublin city centre through the door of their Non-Judgemental Confessional booth to give them some juicy secrets, but if the findings are to be believed, it will be nothing but a big pack of lies. 

You people disgust us.