A new survey claims to have found Ireland's most sexually adventurous town.

Victoria Milan, which specialises in setting up affairs for married folk, believes that their research has identified Ireland's "friskiest" town.

Can we also just say that an agency that organises hook-ups for people in committed relationships is not at all seedy? Not at all. Cool, glad we got that out of the way.

So, on the "survey".

Sigurd Vedal, possible Bond villain and founder of Victoria Milan, says that Swords is top of the list, followed closely by Cork and Galway.

The agency says it has over 40,000 members and specialises in helping people on their long-term partners. Again, cannot stress how that's totally not seedy or sordid at all. Not even close.

So, are the people of Swords into all kinds of kinky shit?

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via Independent.ie