We just don't know what to believe anymore.

A couple of days ago AsapSCIENCE posted a video basically saying that while both vaporising and smoking regular tobacco can be harmful to your health you, vaporising just about edged it, with the caveat that we don't know about the future ramifications that inhaling their fumes will entail.

Now we're hearing that a study carried out by an agency of Britain's Department of Health has said that smoking an e-cigarette is 95% safer for you. We're not fantastic at maths, but 95% sounds a little more conclusive than "just about edging it".

The study was publicly funded, so there's nothing dodgy going on there, and has said that the vaporisers should be used as a means to wean yourself off of cigarettes, with the ultimate aim still being to smoke neither. It's all too much for us to take in. We can't decide who to believe, so we're running off into the mountain and wearing tinfoil hats. But before we do, here's what the study had to say for itself.

It said that the inhalation of the fumes were a fraction of those from tobacco, which directly opposed the views of the World Health Organization, which called for stiff regulation on vaporisers, looking for them to be banned from indoor use, and illegal to sell to minors. 

The underage issue is an important one, as recently a study carried out by the University of Southern California claimed that teens who smoked e-cigareetes could be up to two times as likely to move on to smoking tobacco when compared to those who hadn't tried them, but this refutes that as well.

Basically what we're hearing is what we all originally believed. Don't smoke e-cigarettes if you don't need to, because you're better of not smoking anything. However, they're a great tool to help people quit smoking, and aren't meant to simply be seen as a cheaper alternative to smoking actual tobacco, they're merely a tool to aid you in your goal of becoming smoke free. 

Via NY Daily News/Photo credit: www.vaping360.com