If you're still looking for an excuse other than a lack of self control when trying to explain away the amount of brie filled snacks you had over the Christmas you're in luck because science has come to your rescue. 

New research from the University of Michigan has found that cheese contains a chemical found in addictive drugs. The study found that people are particularly vulnerable to a chemical called casein.

The chemical is found in all dairy products and can trigger the brain to produce a feeling euphoria similar to that of a hard drug addiction. 

As part of the study, 500 students took a questionaire to identify food cravings. Pizza topped the list as the most addictive food of all but all of the top ranking foods were found to contain cheese. 

Although milk also contains casein, it is in a far less concentrated dosage. Producing a pound of cheese requires 10 pounds of milk. The super-strength chemical becomes concentrated when in solid dairy form, so you’ll get a much higher hit of casein by tucking into a cheese sandwich than you will in your morning bowl of cereal.

Via The Standard