Sure, being broke is no fun, but at least it turns out that you get to sleep more than the really rich people. 

If you've just opened your wallet to check what you've got left in it and were greeted by a moth flying out and hitting you in the face, then there's at least one small bit of news that might cheer you up: you get to sleep a bit more than people who have loads of money. 

Research from the American Time Use Survey (ATS) shows that those on the highest salaries are missing out on around an extra 40 minutes of sleep a night compared to those on the lowest incomes, and The Upshot notes that this is almost directly related to hours spent in the office. 

Professor Mathias Basner, of the University of Pennsylvania stated that his research also seemed to be in line with the findings of the survey, adding "people who work a lot of hours, they are much more prone to be short sleepers". 

Would you prefer the few thousand quid, or an extra 40 minutes in bed every day? The only way to get a really honest answer is to wake you up first thing tomorrow and give you the option, we suppose. If someone could just send us the few grand, we'll probably give it back, we just need it for science or whatever.

Via i100