You've been sitting at a desk like a chump your entire lives, folks.

You could have been lying flat on your back and doing some work instead of sitting in a back-breaking chair. A fancy new chair, known as the AltWork Station, reclines to a horizontal position so you're lying on your back with a screen attached to said chair.

Take a look.


The AltWork claims it "redefines how humans interact with their computers by allowing the computer screen and keyboard to physically conform to the needs of humans in the workplace," which is a fancy way of saying it puts you on your back when you sit into it.

The chair's been developed for "high-intensity users", which is defined as anyone who uses a computer for more than four hours with a high level of focus.

They're not cheap, though. The standard model will set you back at least €4,000 and that's not including shipping from California.


Via AltWork