Joe Caslin's done it (beautifully) again.

Caslin, whose previous mural on South Great George's Street in Dublin received a lot of attention before partially giving way to the elements, first teased 'Part II - The Girls' last week, posting a preview on Instagram and saying that the new mural would appear "on a landmark location west of the Shannon in the next ten days."

And lo, today we are treated to this beauty.

Caslin's new 14m mural was installed over the weekend, and this time features two women in an equally tender pose as the first. According to the Irish Times, the biodegradable piece was put up with a potato-based adhesive to prevent damage to the castle, and was installed with the full permission of the owner.

"The images that I wanted to show are things that are dignified," he told The Irish Times, "To show love, that’s essentially what it is, the equality that people should have no matter what sort of a relationship they’re in. I didn’t want to have the piece of the two lads up and not follow it up with a female version. I wanted to show the broader aspects of relationships."