If you were planning on taking a pack of smokes and your filthiest comedy routine to the public park this weekend, then think again. 

Under a new series of by-laws due to come into effect on July 1st this year, smoking will be banned in public parks in Waterford, as will cursing.

The rules also ban gambling, begging, firearms, religious services, model airplanes, cattle, sheep, horses and donkeys from the public parks, and any violation of the rules could see perpetrators removed from the public space or hit with a fine of up to €1,270.

If you were hoping to get away with having a quick vape, the smoking ban will also pertain to e-cigarettes, but we do believe that there is away around the cursing ban, however.

It doesn't end there though, as you won't be able to have a barbecue or light a fire, or do anything that could damage the trees, bushes or shrubs, which includes picking flowers. Strangely enough, it seems only Council employees in Waterford will be allowed to cycle, skateboard, roller skate or roller blade in the park, but no word yet on whether or not they will get Council-branded skateboards. We certainly hope so.  

Via Sunday World. Main pic via William Murphy/Flickr