Three of Dublin's leading taxi companies have joined forces and today launched their own taxi app which allows users to order, track, and pay for taxis with their phone.

Xpert Taxis, National Radio Cabs, and VIP Taxis today launched the eCab app, which will rival the increasingly popular Hailo and Uber services.

The eCab app aims to provide the user with a “more professional and higher quality taxi service”, and make nearly 2,000 cars throughout the greater Dublin area available for service via the app.

Any driver working in a taxi operating under eCab will be Garda vetted, wear a uniform, and must have been trained in by one of the participating taxi companies.

The app is already available is five countries, France and Canada being the major ones, and charges the associated taxi companies a slight commission on the fares they take. 

If you sign up today and get yourself a free €10 voucher, but it'll only be of use in Dublin, as the app is currently unavailable outside the county. Thankfully that should change pretty soon, as the aim is to roll the service out in further counties in the coming months.

Via The Journal