The Carphone Warehouse is set to launch its own mobile network and could save bill-pay customers €166 a year compared to its rivals.

The company, which now has 90 stores across the country, will launch ID Mobile in the coming weeks, and according to the mobile phone comparison app, it will be the cheapest 4G provider for more than 7 out of 10 customers.

According to Killbiller, ID's sim-only plan will cost the user just €20.18 per month, and although we don't know what those costs include when it comes to data, minutes, and texts, they're still very competitive.

The company will piggy-back off of the Three network, and is aiming for 6% share in the market in the next five years, which seems conservative enough to us because if they're offering a cheaper deal with the same quality service, we'll jump on board straight away, or else wait for our current operators to drop their own prices, which seems to be a strategy that Killbiller's Bar Lehane expects to see a lot of.

"ID's introduction is going to significantly add to the amount of competition in the market, which is good news for consumers".

"Given how competitive ID is set to be at launch, we can expect to see the other operators react with offers and updated propositions".

Lehane also claimed that Irish customers could save up to €500 by shopping around and switching to  a new provider, which already has us checking the end date on our current contracts.