You know all those times you've met 'the one' at 3am in Coppers but for some reason or another you didn't get their name and/or number?

Well that problem may be a thing of the past thanks to this new Irish app. 

'Whatifi', developed by Irish duo Ken Fitzgerald and Conan Moriarty, keeps track of all the venues you attend on a night out. Not only that but you can also see who else was at the same gig/venue/cocktail bar and re-connect with them if you crossed paths on a night out. 

As well as helping you find the 'one that got away', the app can also help you remember where you ended up on that wild night out (in case that Coppers stamp has faded away)

The app was launched last week and we can see it coming in handy for those of you who lose track of that person you kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas. 

So if the traditional 'Facebook stalk' doesn't get the job done, consider giving 'Whatifi' a try.