If you've always wanted to see the west coast of the United States but were worried about spending an arm and a leg then today is your lucky day because Icelandic airline WOW air have announced fares from Dublin to Los Angeles and San Francisco from as low as €199 one way.

The airline, which has been flying from Dublin to Reykjavik direct for the past year and already allows fliers to go to the east coast of the US, will operate flights via Reykjavik's Keflavik airport where passengers will have a one hour and 20 minute stopover (where we imagine you'll be able to score even more duty free seeing as you're outside the EU). The stopover stretches the journey time to approximately 13 and a half hours but if you balance out the price against competitors, we think it's well worth it.

"This is a game-changer for WOW air, and arguably the travel industry, making travel to the US and Iceland both easy and affordable from Ireland," said Skúli Mogensen, founder and CEO of WOW air.

The only thing that you'll have to do is travel light, as the airline only allows one carry-on bag of less than 5kg for their flights, and because the flights include a stopover, you'd potentially have to pay for a checked bag (from €31 to €38) four times to include each leg of the journey. So basically don't do any shopping and go in the summer and you'll be grand.

Via Independent