A new study has highlighted a massive difference between people claiming JSA, or jobseeker's allowance, between Ireland Great Britain.

The study, carried out by the Guardian, shows that British people in Ireland claiming the dole reaches 11,222.

However, Irish people in the United Kingdom claiming only amounts to 2,620.

A similar difference was discovered in Germany, with over 6,000 British nationals in Germany claiming jobseeker's allowance there compared to 1,470 Germans claiming in the United Kingdom.

Britian's Conservative Party has made several attempts in tackling so-called "benefit tourists" to the UK.

In November, Prime Minister David Cameron demanded that the European Union restrict freedom of movement in the EU, also calling for measures to discriminate between natives and EU residents with regards to low-paid work.

Ireland's stance has always been pro-migration, however there have been calls in certain quarters to strengthen Ireland's social benefits laws to make it more restrictive for foreign nationals.


via Guardian.co.uk