Have you ever had a burning desire (sorry) to experience what it's like being cremated?

Congratulations weirdo, you're in luck.

A new theme park in Shenzen, China known as the World of Wonder has opened a ride known as 'The Samadhi Game'.

For €35, you can feel what it's like being trapped in a very small place and being set on fire. Fun.

Participants are blasted with 40C degree air, which owners say "creates an authentic experience of burning" before - and this is where it gets REALLY weird - they're reborn.

A womb is projected on the wall, which participants must climb towards before they reach a white, padded room. Hence the reborn part, in case that wasn't clear.

The experience is supposed to reawaken your urgency for life, but honestly, we think it's €35 wasted.

Crushed into a small, hot place where you fear you'll die? Try the Luas on a summer day.


Via CNN.com