Queuing for a drink at any bar is a pain, let alone in a nightclub, but nothing comes close to the fresh hell of trying to get served at Coppers.

Now before we go any further, we're not about to jump into a tirade about Coppers. We've had plenty of good nights there(as well as some bad ones), and it gets a hard time of a lot of people. Our main problem with it is how tough it is to get a drink, and possibly the price of it once you do get one, but one of those is about to be fixed.

Orderella, a new cashless payment app, has announced that it will now be working in Copper Face Jacks, and is about to save you untold amounts of time on a night out.

The app will also be available for use in The Living Room, The Market Bar, and Kehoe's, and will mean you can have your drinks delivered directly to you as long as it's not incredibly busy. So that's always, seeing as it's Coppers. 

When it's as busy as we always expect it to be, you will receive a message saying your drinks are ready at the bar, and you can skip the queue as you pick up your drinks.

You can make the payment via PayPal or debit and credit card, but seeing as the place already has an ATM inside, you should be well used to waking up with about €100 missing from your bank balance with no memory of what happened to it, so no excuses.

Via The Journal