Well, that should make flying a whole lot more pleasant, right?

You know how we all love the comfort and space that we get with a standard seat on an airplane these days? Well it seems that you can kiss goodbye to these heady days of luxury that we're living in now when we fly economy, as the latest airplane design plans on shoving another seat into every row. 

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 (we were sadly not invited back this year after an "incident" in a bathroom that turned out to be for display purposes only back in 2014), Airbus decided to show that despite the fact that the US Department of Transport have expressed their concern that the seats these days are already too small, they can make them even smaller! Yes, thanks to the power of science, they now plan to squeeze 11 seats into a single row, which they showed off in their display for the A380. 

Typically, 10 is the limit at the moment, and the new design boasted that the seats were a roomy 18-inches across, a whole inch bigger than Ryanair's current 17-inch seats. Travel writer Jason Rabinowitz was on hand with a tape measure to offer some evidence for it too.

He also took a seat in one, which made it look less than comfortable despite the room 18-inches on offer. 

Imagine how great it would be to sit in that while being forced to hand over €12 for a ham and cheese sandwich that contains mostly butter and something that claims to be meat but could be brown paper as a child kicks the back of your chair for about seven hours. And they wonder why air rage is on the rise...

Anyway, they expect the design to be in aircraft by 2017, so you might want to get any of the long haul flights you have planned for the rest of your life into the next year and a bit.

Via Mashable. Main pic via John Walton/Twitter