The National Transport Authority has put forward a €10 billion plan to add four new Luas lines and a second Metro to Dublin by 2035.

The NTA say the upgrades are necessary, along with improvements to roads, rail, buses and cycle paths, to combat gridlock in the city.

The plan, called 'Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area 2016-2035', proposes the creation of another Metro, from St. Stephen’s Green to Bride’s Glen, linking up the Metro North, which is expected to be up and running by 2026.

The Luas, according to the proposal, would be extended Bray, Finglas, Lucan and Poolbeg/Ringsend, while the Dart would be extended to Drogheda, Hazelhatch and Maynooth.

At €10bn, it may seem costly, but the NTA predict it would result in the exchequer gaining €13bn, coming from the savings made from shorter journey times.

Other points suggestions include more frequent bus services, better cycle networks, an increase in park and ride facilities, and fewer parking spaces in the city centre, with the overall aim being to cut down the amount of car journeys being made in the city.

Via Irish Independent