If you've been outside at all today, you probably noticed that the weather is absolutely awful, and the effects are being seen around the country.

We're sitting here soaked through to our underwear as we type this, because we just made the foolish mistake of going outside, which we won't be making again. It's absolutely awful, and as a result plenty of places have been seeing some flooding. In Cork, a few roads have been hit by the conditions. 

In Drogheda, this car park can now double as a water feature. 

In Dublin, there are also some roads that have been hit, including this area in Blanchardstown. 

Enniscorthy has been hit pretty badly, as this road now seems totally impassable.

This is what the radar readings looked like earlier during the worst of it, and unsurprisingly the whole country was more or less hit.

While the sun has come out in some places around the country in the last while, that won't last as later on tonight more heavy rain is expected, so keep the umbrella handy.