First things first: if you haven't already watched 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' on Netflix, do so immediately. It's really very good.

However, not everyone, it seems is either aware of the show or its star, Rachel Bloom - specifically, Neil Patrick Harris, who made his feelings known the other day.

Bloom was the backstage correspondent at the Tony Awards, but Harris - who was watching the show on TV with his son, Gideon - made a point of noting that he had no idea who she was:

The only problem, as Bloom later pointed out, not only had they had met several times in the past, but her husband was a writer on 'How I Met Your Mother'. CRINGE.

However, instead of holding his hands up, apologising and admitting that he didn't recognise her, Harris went with an awkward 'Indeed!'reply. Oh god.

Later, Bloom told GQ: “I saw that tweet. And I was kind of devastated. I was actually going to tweet, ‘This makes me sad.’ But then I was like, ‘Ehhhhhhhhhh… I don’t want to give him that, necessarily.’”

She curtly added: "Look, he’s not a writer, so his version of a Twitter joke is to just kind of… live-comment to Twitter followers with kind of random, unformed thoughts. And fame does that to you - where you think every kind of random, unformed thought is a gem, because you get 10,000 likes from it."


Harris eventually took to Twitter for a 'proper' apology (in between listing the various items that he wants for his birthday), but by then, the damage had been done, even though Bloom graciously accepted his apology...