Entertainment Programme: Ant & Dec's Sat Night Takeaway

Entertainment Presenters: And & Dec. For the eighth year running. To quote Dec: "I can only put our success down to this - we love working together. We have so much fun. We're not that good, we're just very enthusiastic." Hear, hear.

Star Travel Documentary: Stephen Fry in America, much to Piers Morgan's chagrin.

Newcomer: Craig Gazey, Coronation Street. He dedicated his award to the recently deceased Maggie Jones, who taught him never to rest on his laurels.

Comedy: Gavin and Stacey. Next year, Inbetweeners. Next year.

Serial Drama Performance: Lacey Turner, EastEnders. She touchingly said: "Without Gillian (AKA wild-eyed Jean Slater) I wouldn't be standing here. She gives so much it's easy to give it back."

Serial Drama: Coronation Street.

Factual Programme: Loose Women. If this programme is factual then I'm not female. The title continues to be apt however. Carol is showing way too much leg, while Sherrie's showing far too much OHDEARLORD!*claws at eyes... throws glass of water into face* UNCLEAN!

Drama: Doctor Who.

Outstanding Dramatic Performance: David Tennant. Exploding on screen while managing to keep you're suit intact is always a winner.

Talent Show: X Factor. Upon accepting the award, Simon Cowell said to its presenter Arlene Philips: "This isn't without irony." When she looked back confused, he elaborated: "Strictly won last year, and now you've left, we win this year." He then dedicated his award to his dentist, Neil somethingorother.

Special Recognition Award: Stephen Fry, who was informed courtesy of a video montage of his work and contributors, which included Prince Charles. Unfortunately there were no cutaways to Piers Morgan. However, Dermot O'Leary was quick to point out that the former wasn't having a great night of it.