The pheromones were so rife at last night's The National Board of Review Awards Gala that they've swarmed across the internet and right up my nostrils this morning. True, the title of the event isn't very sexy (nor is the mention of nostrils) but everyone there was.

George Clooney and Stacy Kiebler were so moved by it all they seemed almost fit to burst. Kiera Knightly had a lacy peek-a-boob thing (in Knighlty's case, more peek-a-bump... getting very skinny) going on, as did Helen Mirren. Viola Davis looked luxurious, while Felicity Jones looked like she just came straight from the scratcher. Jeremy Irons was salivating, Emma Stone glowed, Jessica Chastain bloomed, Chloe Moretz has blossomed, and Naomi Watts dazzled. Ahna O'Reilly was perky, Rooney Mara was pristine, Alec Baldwin sprouted more hair for the occasion, even Martin Scorsese's bifocals had a certain sparkle. Even a three way between Rosie O'Donnell and her mrs wouldn't be out of the question… Michael Fassbender... Enough said.

One more thing; yes it's very easy for sophisticated folk keeping to a black, red or white colour scheme to look sultry - but you know there's something definitely in the water when Tilda Swinton looks doable in high-waisted aubergine pants.

I'm off to hose myself down.