'Napoleon Dynamite' is one of those movies that people probably know it better from bits from the movie as opposed to the entire movie itself.

It could be small little things, like the 'Vote For Pedro' t-shirt, someone yelling "TINA, YOU FAT LARD, COME GET SOME DINNER!", or the Jamiroquai song 'Canned Heat' and Jon Heder's energetic dance to it. What's in the dance, you ask? Lots of pop-locking, lots of twirls, lots of attitude.

And that's exactly what this guy managed to channel in this video and give to the world. Now, to be fair, the guy in this video titled it as "My brother dressed as Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween and got a little carried away" and, looking at this video, he didn't get a little carried away at all.

If anything, that man knew exactly what he was doing and was completely in the zone. Just look at his face. He's not even smiling. He knows exactly what's he at. The whole thing that's getting carried away is the rest of in that infectious Jamiroquai beat.