Picture the scene - the Led Zeppelin after-show party... a room full of professionally self-absorbed individuals mingling seamlessly. All the egos balancing beautifully because, for the first time in a long time, they know they're blessed to be there. And then some muppet shatters the ambience 'cause they can't find their phone. Shrinking violet, Naomi Campbell started howling her head off when her BlackBerry was allegedly stolen at the exclusive after party. According to The Mirror, a witness said: "As soon as she realised her stuff was missing she started screaming and shouting and wildly pointed in the direction of where Grohl was sitting, screeching, 'Have they got it, have they got it?'" This might come as a shock, Naomi, but Dave Grohl has better things to be doing. It didn't end there either: "She then got into a lift with Jerry Hall, Jeff Beck and Vic Reeves, who were there with their other halves. They were all rolling their eyes as she continued her tirade. She was also saying the Oasis boys had their phones taken, too. She was screeching so much she interrupted an interview with Bob Geldof - he wasn't impressed at all." A spokesperson for the model said: "It was a massive inconvenience for Naomi. She still enjoyed the show though." Oh did she?!! That's a HUGE relief, it doesn't matter that she ruined the after-party for a load of people, then. C'mere though, you might want to inform your client she won't look like that forever and thus should start cultivating a nicer disposition.