While she was celebrating herself at London Fashion Week (she's been doing that all important modelling job for 25 years now), Naomi took the time to air the following regarding her involvement in the trial of former Liberian President Charles Taylor in the Hague a few weeks back:

"What you have to understand is, I was not on trial. I was forced by subpoena to testify. It was nothing to do with me. This trial has been going on for how many years and no-one cared to write about it? You bring Naomi Campbell to the stand and the whole world knows. So as far as I was concerned, I was used as a scapegoat... I told and remembered what I could to the best of my ability - it was 13 years ago. I do not think what he did to his people is correct, I didn't condone that and I will never condone that. And I don't see why I should sit here, or wherever I go around the world, as if this was my trial. I was a witness."

She has a point. But it'd be nice if she saw the positive in the fact that she personally brought the incomprehensibly horrific crimes of Charles Taylor to the entire planet's attention...

But back to what Naomi Campbell would prefer to be known for right now - FASHION! Here she is, the centre of attention at last night's Dolce & Gabbana party on Bond Street in the company of a load of models, and such world changing luminaries as Jamelia, Natasha Bedingfield, Janice Dicksinson, Paloma Faith, Lady Victoria Hervey, Lily Allen, Pixie Lott, Tess Daly, the Pope's shoes as worn by Erin O'Connor,  Keishawho used to be in the Sugababes, Amelle Berrabah who is in the Sugababes, Ray Winstone's daughter, Simon le Bon's daughter, Richard Branson's son, Paul Weller's son and daughter, Amy Winehouse's goddaughter, Kelly Brook's ex-boyfriend, Cinderella sans skirt, Tamara Beckwith, Sinitta, Adam Ant, Alexandra Burke, Joe McElderry, Shayne Ward, and Olly Murs!!!