Turns out that amicable Girls Aloud split wasn't so amicable after all, and after Nadine Coyle took to Twitter and spilled the beans on the fact it looks like the other girls are out for her, and things have ended on 'terrible' terms. Cue chants of 'Leave Nadine alone!', Chris Cocker-style.

After the announcement of the split last week, Nadine took to her own Twitter to say 'You should know by now I had no part in any of this split business. I couldn't stop them. I had the best time & want to keep going. Xxxx', which pretty much pointed the finger at the rest of the girls and Cheryl in particular seeing as she had just said she's taking a big break from showbiz for a while.

According to The Mirror newspaper 'They have parted on terrible terms. The girls hadn't seen much of US-based Nadine until they reunited for the tour and now it doesn't look like they'll ever see much of her once she's gone back to LA. As soon as Sarah saw the tweet she called Nadine to say how angry she was. The tweet made it look like the girls went behind Nadine's back to make the decision.'

'The plan had always been to split after the tour. Nadine also felt the sharp end of Cheryl's tongue. Nadine's behaviour has left a bitter taste in everyone's mouth.' So don't go expecting any sort of reunion in another ten years then. Not unless it's in some sort of boxing ring. (Which should totally be the concept for season two of The Big Reunion.)