Cheryl, I see your new single, Promise, and your new range of sparkly Promise rings. I believe Nadine wants to raise you with an impromptu engagement announcement live on Radio 1.

Nadine, despite claims that herself and 32-year-old Jason Bell split last month, has after getting engaged. She chose to throw that news out there yesterday while being interviewed by Radio 1's Scott Mills: "Yes it is an engagement ring. It was last week. I'd just got back from London and he surprised me with a ring while I was in my pyjamas. If I'd known I'd have had a blow-dry or at least a manicure or something (how inconsiderate of him). It was in Los Angeles. He was really nice about it. He got down on two knees because he was all banged up from playing football. It was really, really nice. He's probably dying now!"

According to The Sun: "She arrived at the Radio 1 studios in London's West End wearing the ring on her right hand to put fans off the scent. But after confessing to Scott she switched it to her left."

All's fair in love, war and single promotion.