Poor Nads' little Fiat 500 reportedly "flipped several times" after she skidded across Manchester's M40 on Sunday, after it flipped no less than "six times" thanks to the rain. 

A friend talking to The Mirror said: "Nadia is really lucky - her guardian angel was definitely watching over her. The ambulance crew who attended the scene said it was a miracle that she walked away from the crash with just a bump on the head."

Another source speaking via Independent.ie said: "It was terrifying for her - she got a massive shock and it all happened in a split second. She's lucky to be alive. The car just skidded as it was raining really badly and Nadia braked to try to control it and it spun out of control, flipping over. The car's a total write-off... She knows how fortunate she is that the accident wasn't worse and she didn't even break a bone. It was one of those unavoidable things. Thank God there was no other car involved or it could have been very different."

A witness called an ambulance, who then carted Nadia off tot Warwick Hospital, where she was treated for concussion. She reportedly spent Sunday night there to undergo observation. 

The 24-year-old is currently in the UK promoting BPM, which is doing rather well in the Urban charts and is due for general release on July 28th - but that's not what people are most interested in. Indeed, folk seem to be far more interested in the fact that she's been photographed quite a fair bit with Rory McIlroy, who recently had that very public split. 

Addressing the rumours, Nadia said: "She said: “I met Rory last year through friends. He’s a lovely guy. The bottom line with me and Rory is we have ­mutual friends who introduced us and we’ve been in each other’s company."