Imagine if this had crossed Helen Flanagan's tiny mind. The poor bits of bark wouldn't have stood a chance.

In the absence of the waterfall shower (ok, there is that pump action thing, but it's not nearly as picturesque), Nadia went to the bother of honing an entire bikini from bits of bark while in the Celebrity Slammer yesterday. All she needs to do now is knit herself a garter and fling herself under the waterfall whenever she gets to it and job's a good un.

What else is she meant to do when us Irish are "UNABLE" to phone in their votes and nobody in England knows who she is, hah? See, inventive, resourceful and intrepid. No wonder Kendra doesn't want her around...

Interestingly enough, unlike the previous night, Katie Hopkins had no tweets to offer Nadia during yesterday's episode. Instead she kept with the 'Gemma Collins is fat in case you hadn't noticed, FNNNAARRR' type level of japes. She did, however, have this nugget for Kendra.

She also had this for Jimmy Bullard, which didn't get nearly as much interaction because he's pretty much won the show already, innit.

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Katie Hopkins was on Twitter during 'I'm A Celeb'. She wasn't just nasty about Nadia Forde...